Taking the Show on the Road

As you may know (or have discovered, in About The Ensemble), the members of Triple Helix are not only outstanding musicians but are also experienced and gifted teachers. Inspired by their longtime Wellesley College residency—which has been savored by students, faculty, and countless people in the surrounding communities— the Helices love to be invited to “take the show on the road,” bringing their passionate playing, innovative programs (see Explorations) and wide-ranging outreach activities to other campuses and communities.

The precise make-up of one of these visits is, of course, determined by the sponsoring organization, but often a mini-residency— which may be for a day, a few days, a few times a year, or “x” times over a few years—includes some combination of the following:

  • a concert—whether a traditional one or more of an Explorations
  • a lecture-recital focusing on that concert and/or on a particular classroom (they have appeared in classes on mathematics, languages, astronomy, history, art history, literature— and, naturally, music composition, music history, and music theory)
  • a master class or workshop, for the host institution (and perhaps a wider community)
  • a visit to a local secondary or elementary school

“The concert and masterclass were musical and educational treats of the highest order. Their deeply moving performance dovetailed beautifully with their classroom discussion.”

— Deborah Rohr, Music faculty, Skidmore College

“Amazing, emotional music. It’s almost as if they became one living, breathing person.”

“I was whirled into another world.”

— Two students, John Dewey Honors Program, University of Vermont

“A fabulous group. Many in our audience said they found the Shostakovich a definitive performance of this important piece.”

— Jane Ambrose, Director of the Lane Series, University of Vermont

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful the concert was, how the musicians communicated the idea that we were all out to have Fun — that composers just love to write music. And how sublimely they played!”

— Presenter, 2006

Past Residencies

Mini-residencies through April, 2007

  • Chamber Music Society of Central KY, Lexington; Madisonville Community College, KY; University of KY, Lexington
    2 concerts; masterclass
  • Berklee School of Music, Boston
    master class with student compositions; lecture-recital
  • Chamber Music Society of the North Shore, IL
    workshop and coaching; concert
  • Keene State College, NH
    (repeat engagements)
    lecture-recital; concert
  • Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilante
    concert; outreach event
  • Raleigh Chamber Music Guild, NC
    2 concerts; 3 outreach activities (2 lecture-demos for string students; one coaching and master class for adult amateurs)
  • Tufts University School of Music, Boston
    (events offered over a 2-year period)
    masterclass with student chamber groups; reading of student compositions; premiere of a new trio by John McDonald; 2 concerts
  • Greenville, North Carolina
    lecture-recital; concert, with a premiere of a trio by Martin Brody
  • Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Duke University
    (2 visits during one year)
    high-school lecture-recital; 2 masterclasses for community music school; concert
  • University of Southern Maine, Gorham
    chamber-music masterclass; concert
  • Colby College, Waterville, ME
    (repeat engagements)
    Tea Time Series concert; chamber-music masterclass; concert
  • University of VT, Burlington
    classes on contemporary music, cello music; solo cello performance; concert
  • Logan, Utah
    chamber-music masterclass; concert
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    masterclasses; concerts
  • University of Delaware, Newark
    masterclass for amateur musicians; lecture concert; concert
  • Fontana Chamber Arts, Kalamazoo, MI
    chamber-music masterclass; private lessons; lecture recital; concert
  • Logan Concert Series, Erie, PA
    2 concerts for elementary students; college lecture-recital; concert
  • Great Performances, Hope College, Holland, MI
    lecture class; chamber-music masterclass; class for amateur musicians; concert
  • Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
    (events offered over a 2-year period)
    2 masterclasses; 2 lecture-recitals; 2 concerts
  • Boston Renaissance Charter School, Bank Boston Celebrity Series
    2 lecture-recitals and premiere of a work by Andy Vores